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Online Intake Documents

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Intake Documents

Therasoft provides two types of Intake documents,

1. Initial Intake - Patient demographics, contact info and Insurance information
2. Clinical Intake - Detailed Bio-Psychosocial intake questionnaire

The Initial intake is integrated into the Pre-Registration process. The Client either fills out the Pre-Registration form online on the counselors website or over the phone with someone at the counselors office typing it in while the client provides the info over the phone.

The Assessment intake a is a much more detailed series of questions that are entered into a web form either by the Counselor or by the client. The counselor can send an email to the client with encrypted codes that gives the client access to the questionnaire for a short period of time (e.g. 2 - 3 days) to complete the questionnaire before coming in for the first appointment.

This method of completing the questionnaire helps the counselor save time and gives the client more time to think about the questions and thereby providing much better responses which gives the counselor better information to analyze.

While physicians have always been able to order blood tests and other tests to diagnose the patient, psychologists have always had to ask the right questions and analyze the responses to be able to diagnose the patient. Which makes the the questionnaire the most important first step to treatment.

Therasoft has a rich selection of online assessment questionnaires. While Therasoft does not actually auto generate the content of the assessment report, it certainly makes it a lot easier for the therapist to complete one.