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Secure Payment Processing


Complete Practice Management Platform

Initial Intake

The initial intake is integrated with the professional website so prospective clients can complete the registration paperwork online.

Scheduling Calendar

Our calendar is the center of the entire system. It serves as a status dashboard as well as a launchpad for workflow management.

Payment Processing

The system processes Credit cards as well as Electronic Checks. It sends email receipts and updates the clients statement.

Electronic Claims

Submitting electronic claims is the fastest way to get paid by insurance companies. The system supports one-Click filing as well as Batch.

Enhanced Billing

For busy therapists that need help managing claims and all the billing tasks, our experienced billing team...

Clinical Assessments

The system includes a rich collection of Clinical Assessments that allows the patient to complete part of it online saving the therapist a lot of time.

Practice Management Software for Mental Health

What our Clients Say

I have used this product for about 4 years. As a Solo Practitioner, I was looking for something that was not devoted to medical practice I did not need the extras. This fit the bill. It has helped to streamine my practice, particularly billing.


I love having every aspect of my practice in one place!


The ultimate Practice Management Toolbox for Therapists


A Professional Website, A Wordpress Blog, Facebook Business page, Twitter Business page, Linkedin Business page, Encrypted Email (Hushmail), Credit Card Processing as well as Setup Analytics and SEO.

Therasoft® Online is a complete counseling practice management software that includes marketing, management and billing features. It is the most comprehensive solution for a therapy private practice. Offering social media marketing with a professional website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages designed for a professional social media presence and search engine optimization.


Secure Integrated intakes, Smart Scheduling calendar with automated appointment reminders, Clinical Assessments, Treatment planner and Progress Notes with Dictation

Therasoft® Online enables you to do more with your time with tools that streamline your workflow management. Seamless integration of the scheduling calendar with the clinical documentation, such as assessments, treatment plans, progress notes and insurance billing. Up-to-date DSM 5 ready therapy notes allows you to be HIPAA compliant with your psychotherapy notes.


Integrated Credit card processing One-Click Electronic Claims, CMS-1500, Auto-matching ERA, Batch Claims filing, Third Party Billing Statements and email Super Bill and email Payment Receipts

With a secure and convenient simple billing system, Therasoft® Online is a mental health software that offers the best in marketing, management and billing for your private practice.

Website Design For Mental Health Professionals

Get A New Website And Start Growing Your Business

Practice Management Software For Mental Health Professionals

Developed by industry professionals, Therasoft® is the most complete practice management software for eliminating time-consuming tasks to give you more time with your clients.