Group Practices

Group practices have a different set of challenges than solo practitioners, yet still profit from an effective and convenient practice management system. The Therasoft® therapy practice software system offers simple, secure and comprehensive features adaptable to your group practice ensuring growth, optimal performance and profitability.

With features that allow tracking and reporting of revenue for all associates, growing your group practice therapy practice management has never been more easy and streamlined. Manage multiple calendars, schedules, and therapy and psychotherapy notes with Therasoft®’s management practice therapy software for counselors and other mental health clinicians.

No matter your practice size or type, Therasoft® therapy practice software offers customizable solutions suited to your specific needs. Increase productivity within your group practice with the ease and convenience of a secure and readily accessible management system today!

Practice Management Software For Mental Health Professionals

Developed by industry professionals, Therasoft® is the most complete practice management software for eliminating time-consuming tasks to give you more time with your clients.