Progress Notes

therasoft_Progress Notes

Save time and money with the Therasoft® management practice therapy software extensive therapy and progress psychotherapy session notes system. Our therapy notes are designed to enable therapists to record therapy notes for the specific type of therapy or billing required. There is even a Quicknote, in addition to BIRP, SOAP, Medicaid BIRP, as well as a standard note that allows the therapist to upload and incorporate documents.

Simple to use, with many customizable features and options, the Therasoft® progress and therapy notes can streamline and organize your client information and track progress in a readily accessible and secure system. Go paperless with the Therasoft® practice therapy software and have access to progress and therapy notes from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Practice Management Software For Mental Health Professionals

Developed by industry professionals, Therasoft® is the most complete practice management software for eliminating time-consuming tasks to give you more time with your clients.