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Enhanced Billing Service

The bulk of the labor intensive insurance related work is done during the initial intake processing of a new client. Enter or validate all the information in the Pre-Registration form, get the Intake documents signed, Register the client and schedule the first appointment as well as upload all the intake documents to the system. Check eligibility and benefits as well as get authorizations and update the system with the authorization details.

Our Enhanced billing service includes the personalized client Intake processing described above as well as the traditional billing services. We have a dedicated team with over 24 years of experience in Medical Billing Services. You pay the normal billing service charges for our team to do a lot more. From taking your clients phone calls to collections and follow up with the Insurance Company regarding claims that are not paid within a reasonable amount of time.

We can also help you mail monthly statements to private pay clients or clients whose insurance payments are short paid because the client has not met the deductible.

Enhanced billing service charges are based on the collected revenue each month.

For a solo practitioner it might eliminate the need for training an administrative assistant in the intricate details of Insurance billing or dealing with the long hold time trying to get a benefits verification or an authorization.

For a large group it might free up administrative staff to help with functions that cannot be done remotely.

For Hospitals and larger organizations we can reduce the total cost of managing the high volume of transactions while increasing the net collections. Since our fees are based on collections, we are perfectly aligned with management objectives.

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